On this domain will rise a group of Bible-study and Christian-resource websites, one that is focused on conservative teachings, particularly Reformed theology.   Learn more...

Available Bibles

The following are free Bibles from eBible.org. The original HTML pages were modified, including some book titles (but not the biblical text), for formatting consistency and for readability. More free Bibles and Christian resources (classical literature in the Public Domain) will be published in the future.

My first goal in publishing is not to amass a vast collection of resources (such collections are already available elsewhere), but only to collect a small and select subset of what is already available — those resources that are well-respected by the Christian community (like Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening: Daily Readings), and those that will be useful to as many people as possible.

My second goal is to produce an online library that feels very personal, one that you can claim as your own. It may not be as shiny and as technologically advanced as other online libraries, but it will give you the kind of atmosphere that you need to get close to what you are reading, especially the Bible.

Studies & Devotions

ONLINEBIBLES.NET will consist of both the old and the new (the writings from the past, and my own current writings), and of both the foundation (God’s Word) and the structures built on that foundation.

Producing an online library is only one-half of the task; the other half is to write my own studies, devotions, and essays — all based on, and centered on God’s Word. Less-personal Bible-studies and devotions will be published here on the main site. Meanwhile, my personal essays I will publish on Swordsman of the Word — my personal writing ministry that is now part of ONLINEBIBLES.NET.

Note: As time goes on, and as I meet new friends, I will invite other people to write the Bible-studies and devotions with me. Of course, the main requirement for such an invitation is the agreement with my vision for this ministry, and with my theological beliefs.

About Me

My name is Arjay B. Araña. I’m a Filipino, a Christian blogger and freelance writer. I’m also a web publisher of Christian literature. ONLINEBIBLES.NET is my new and upcoming ministry — the culmination of my walk with God for many years.

You can know more about me in my personal blog.